Product Description

Shield™ is designed to repel and protect concrete and terrazzo floors from harmful spills that often lead to etching and permanent staining. When a spill occurs, Shield’s protective properties prevents the floor from immediate damage and increases the window of opportunity for clean-up. Shield’s complete repellency and protection extends the performance and appearance of concrete and terrazzo floors.


• Complete water and oil repellency
• Complete stain and etch protection
• Penetrating and topical sealer
• Strong floor adhesion; does not peel or flake
• Enhances floor sheen when burnished; cures without burnishing
• Enhances floor color including dyes and aggregate
• UV stable; may be used outdoors
• Easy, stress-free application; less applicator fatigue

• Can be re-applied anytime; does not require stripping
• Sacrificial layer between spill and floor
• Reduces expensive and time consuming stain repair
• Repaired areas visually blend with existing areas
• Ideal for all Ashford Formula™ and RetroPlate® treated floors
– new or old, standard or colored – and all concrete and terrazzo floors


Product Selection Guide