Scott Liggett

Scott Liggett joined Curecrete Distribution, Inc. in March 2010 and serves as President and CEO.  Scott graduated in 1999 from Brigham Young University with a degree in Philosophy and a minor in Logic.  He was sought after by Curecrete especially for his amiable but effective leadership style and ability to formulate and execute a clear and successful vision for the continued growth of Curecrete.

Prior to Scott’s coming to Curecrete, he was the Strategic Sourcing Manager for Brigham Young University.  Scott was responsible for supervising a team which procured about 40% of all the commodities that were purchased by the University.  In addition to his managerial responsibilities, Scott was responsible for maintaining and nurturing key strategic supplier relationships, which saved the University millions of dollars each year.

Scott believes that the success of Curecrete, or any organization, depends on each individual of the team fulfilling their responsibilities with a sense of ownership, competence, and pride.  Consequently, a culture of accountability with the focus of getting everyone the tools and training they need to perform brilliantly will be one of Scott’s key focuses.

When he is not working, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, outdoor activities, and playing racquetball.  He has four daughters and a son, all of which adore their wonderful mother.  Some other interesting facts about Scott include that he has owned a landscape company for 20 years and ran a trading post on the Navajo Indian reservation for three years.  Scott enjoys any challenge and is excited about being part of the Curecrete family.