CreteClean Plus – SINGLE DOSE | 1.2 oz. Pac

CreteClean Plus – Single Dose takes the guesswork out of cleaning your floors. Designed specifically to clean ALL concrete floors and ALL hard surface floors (not wood).

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Price $153.00

Product Description

1.2 oz. Single Dose → 2-3 gallon mop bucket.

*Available in master cases (180 pacs) or pallets (9,720 pacs).

One pac, one mop bucket. Specifically designed to condition and enhance regular concrete, densified concrete, densified-polished concrete floors and all hard surface floors (not wood).


  • Uniquely formulated for 2-3 gallon capacity mop buckets
  • Designed to specifically clean all concrete floors and all hard surface floors (not wood)
  • More convenient
  • Cost effective
  • No guesswork
  • No multiple pouches/packages per tank


  • Suitable for 2-3 gallon (7.5-11.3L) capacity mop buckets
  • Standard coverage rate: 500 sqf/gal (12.3 sqm/L)
  • Recommended cleaning: 3 times per week
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  • Available in master cases of 180 pacs/master case
  • Available in pallets of 9,720 pacs/pallet
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