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™ is a silane that provides salt and water repellency to concrete and masonry. Silane reacts with the silica in concrete, and is therefore ideal for use on concrete floors which require additional repellency against salt-bearing water.



• Complete water and salt repellency

• Easy to use; single pass spray application

• Minimal masking, overspray or clean-up required

• No change in texture or skid resistance

• Does not alter the appearance of the application surface

• Penetrating sealer

• Fast acting; floors open to traffic within 20-45 minutes following treatment

• Low susceptibility to UV light

• Helps stop efflorescence

• Compatible with solvent-based surface treatments (i.e. striping paint)

• Does not affect vapor permeability

• Ideal for all Ashford Formula™ and RetroPlate® treated floors – new or old, standard or colored – and all concrete and terrazzo floors


• Bus Garages

• Parking Decks

• Car Service Bays