Mindful Materials: A Brief Introduction


Have you heard of the Mindful Materials Library?  If not, here’s the lowdown. The central goal of the mM library is to provide product transparency and information optimization. It’s a free, searchable platform where users can access product data from all participating manufacturers. The library is NOT a certification. Instead, it provides a central database for users to search for products for which manufacturers have been transparent.

For admission to the library, a product must have, at minimum, a transparency disclosure or a VOC emissions test or certification data point. We are pleased that the Ashford Formula and the RetroPlate System are both included in the mM Library. Along with our qualifying disclosures (Health Product Declaration and VOC testing), you can find all of the different certifications, declarations and test reports for the Ashford Formula and RetroPlate System on our mM profile.

If you value transparency, quality and independent verification of the products you use, the mM library is a great tool and resource. Look for the mM sticker on our printed literature, and visit our listings in the library at www.mindfulmaterials.com.