Convenience, Safety & Cost Savings: Key Elements of Curecrete’s Innovative CreteClean Plus Single Dose

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CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard Single Dose™ – launched during the first half of 2016 – is the culmination of our chemist Jim Varnell’s thirty-plus years creating and analyzing chemicals for the flooring industry.  Working alongside our technical and sales people, CreteClean Plus Single Dose was specifically designed as the best vehicle to condition and enhance regular concrete, densified concrete and densified-polished concrete floors, as well as all hard surface floors.  Single Dose delivers the same benefits as our original CreteCrete Plus with Scar Guard™ product (view our Independent Cleaning Test Trials), but with added benefits in conveniencesafety and cost-savings for the user.

SingleDosePour-4 (ReducedWeb)Single Dose is packaged in 12 oz. bottles, with each bottle being capable of properly dosing auto-scrubber solution tanks in a range from 20 to 30 gallons.  It can easily be stored in cases of 12 bottles or master cases of 48 bottles, are easier and safer to handle than flexible plastic packages, and eliminates any possibility of over or under dosing.  In addition to inventory convenience and ease of use, using Single Dose brings down overall end-user cost to as little as $0.000267 per square foot!

Maintaining your concrete floor is important not only for aesthetics, but more critically, for performance.  It is true that concrete floors require less maintenance than other flooring options, but a properly maintained floor will never halt or disrupt your business productivity.  As a result, Curecrete Distribution, Inc. is proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty Extension on all Ashford Formula™ and RetroPlate® floor warranties where CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard and Single Dose are used on a regular, consistent basis.  

Curecrete’s Supporting Products Team is responsible for providing 24-hour support for Single Dose and Curecrete’s full line of supporting products.  Please contact the team at (844) 644-4304 (toll free) or at (801) 515-6219 to:

  • Inquire about pricing, warranties, application, technical matters, general questions;
  • Request a custom cleaning routine designed specifically for your floor..

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