The Best Warranty in the Industry has a New Look!

Longest Warranties in the Industry

At Curecrete Distribution, Inc., we not only provide the BEST densified and densified-polished floors in the industry, we proudly stand behind them with the longest warranties of all of our competitors. Why? Because we know that our floors will stand the test of use and time. In fact, our floors don’t degrade as they get older, they get better!

Our signature 20-year warranty for the Ashford Formula and 10-year warranty for the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System are the only one of its kind to be offered. They can be extended to Lifetime warranties if customers commit to consistently using our award-winning CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard in their maintenance programs.

Backed by a combined 90 years of proven floor performance, Curecrete is pleased to make these warranties available to floor owners!

Warranties requests can be submitted online or by calling Customer Care at (800) 998-5664.