Curecrete’s VP of Technical Services to be Panelist at “Quality in Concrete Slabs” Forum

Curecrete’s Vice President of Technical Services, Dave Hoyt, will be a featured panelist at the upcoming WOC 2020 forum “Quality in Concrete Slabs” presented by Concrete Construction magazine in cooperation with the American Society of Concrete Contractors.

Information regarding the forum is provided below.


ALTERNATIVE CONCRETE CURING METHODS: Hard-troweled versus decorative

How a concrete slab is to be used can dictate how it is cured. There’s not even an ASTM standard test to know if a concrete floor has been adequately cured. Do hard-troweled surfaces even need to be cured? What about industrial slabs that are to be polished? Slabs that are to receive moisture-sensitive flooring should only be cured with waterproof paper or plastic. Exterior concrete is typically sprayed with a monomolecular curing compound. 


But what’s the best way to cure decorative or colored concrete? In general, the curing methods that work best for decorative concrete, that is those that don’t affect the surface appearance, don’t follow ASTM or ACI requirements or guidelines. But if you cure decorative concrete with a curing compound will you end up with efflorescence? If you cure with a silicate densifier, is that effective?


At this luncheon, concrete floor and decorative concrete experts will compare and contrast current curing methods and products for hard-troweled floors versus those used for decorative concrete.

Course Code: WESOG
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 5 • 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Location: LVCC South Hall
Registration Fee: $95; $125 after 12/11/19 ($85 with purchase of Super Pass)