New Products Announcement: SaltSlayer and SlurryDry

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SPRINGVILLE, Utah – Curecrete Distribution, Inc., the world leader in concrete densification technology, today announced the launch of two new products, SaltSlayerTM and SlurryDry SSGTM. Both products add to the growing arsenal of supporting products offered by Curecrete, enhancing the ability of applicators and distributors to meet the many varying needs of concrete protection and slurry disposal.

SaltSlayer is a silane that provides salt and water repellency to concrete and masonry. Silane reacts with the silica in concrete, and is therefore ideal for use on concrete floors, which require additional repellency against salt-bearing water. It is recommended for use in environments where salt exposure is prevalent, such as bus garages, parking decks, car service bays, etc. During the winter season, harmful road salts are carried in by vehicles, which seeps into the concrete and reacts with steel rebar, causing it to break down. Salt also draws water deeper into concrete, compounding the damage from freezing and contributing to surface spalling. SaltSlayer ,TM when combined with the densifying, hardening and preservation benefits of densified and densified-polished concrete, provides added assurance that concrete floors will remain durable and performing excellently for the life of the concrete.

SlurryDry SSG is a non-hazardous super absorbent used in the industry to solidify slurries into landfill accepted solids. It is a new, economical slurry solidification agent from a family of successful drying polymer blends. Using a new proprietary blend of polymers and bentonite clays, SlurryDry SSG  TM was developed. Super absorbent and leach resistant, it produces a landfill ready solid that is paint filter test compliant. Benefits of SlurryDry SSG  TM include solidifying immediately, reducing processing time; forming a stable, non-flowing solid from concrete slurry that is to manage and dispose; absorbs 200-300 times its weight in high pH wastewater; and is non-hazardous and an environmentally-friendly solution for solidification of cement fines and silt.

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