Electrical Conductivity Test Results


Test Results

Curecrete Distribution, Inc. is pleased to announce a new set of tests showing the performance of Ashford Formula™ and RetroPlate®.

Ashford Formula Results  |  RetroPlate Results

The ASTM F150-06 (2013) Standard Test Method for Electrical Resistance of Conductive and Static Dissipative Resilient Flooring has just been completed. Tested according to the ASTM F150 standard, both the Ashford Formula treated floor and the RetroPlate treated floor (polished to an 800 grit), measured at 100 megaohms [108Ω]. These readings tell us that our densified floors fall within the definition of a dissipative floor material which has a range of 1 megaohm [106Ω] – 1,000 megaohms [109Ω] rather than a conductive floor.

Main Point: Ashford Formula and RetroPlate can be classified as a dissipative rather than a conductive floor.

Why This Matters

These test results offer useful information for projects that use automated guided vehicles (AGVs), automatic data centers and anyplace where static electricity can be a problem.