New Polishing Guidelines for Aggregate Exposure and Gloss


Tremendous growth in the popularity of concrete polished floors has precipitated the need for clearer standards regarding the appearance of exposed levels of aggregate and the finished gloss of a floor. The Polished Concrete Aggregate Exposure Chart (below) and the Polished Concrete Appearance Chart (below) replaces earlier versions put out by the Concrete Polishing Council (CPC).

Polished Concrete Aggregate Exposure Chart replaces the CPAA Aggregate Exposure Chart.  Important changes include the elimination of the medium aggregate surface exposure level and the approximate surface cuts depths for all classes. In its place, new classes with more exact percentage ranges are used to measure exposed aggregate.

Polished Concrete Appearance Chartreplaces the CPAA’s Finished Gloss Chart. This chart dispenses with using the finished gloss of a floor as a measurement, which many in the industry believed could be easily manipulated. The revised chart instead uses Distinctness-of-Image (DOI) and a haze index as measures to determine the finished appearance of a floor.

Review the charts below and be sure to familiarize yourself with the new standards to better serve clients’ needs and expectations.