Two Curecrete Products Win Big!






This year Curecrete was honored to have TWO of its products nominated in the 2017 Most Innovative Concrete & Masonry Products Awards at World of Concrete 2017!

“Presented annually in conjunction with the World of Concrete, the MIP Award program showcases many products exhibited at the show [and] willing products are chosen based on the innovation they bring to the industry,” (Hanley Wood Press Release, February 17, 2017).

Innovation is one of the core tenets of Curecrete’s Mission, Vision and Value Statements, and we actively pursue and develop the very best technology for all of our product lines. CreteClean Plus Single DoseTM and KickStart Clarity EnhancerTM represents the best of Curecrete’s innovative spirit, and we are proud to have the results of that spirit recognized by the our peers.



Winner:  Editor’s Choice in the Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Category

WOC2017-MIP (3)No building owner or contractor sets out to produce the most beautiful and functional concrete floor – after having spent significant amounts of time and money – only to have it ruined by something as simple as floor maintenance.  And yet, that is exactly what happens once a floor is put into use.  Floors are either neglected and not cleaned, cleaned but with something inferior such as water only, or worse yet, cleaned with harsh chemicals that literally attack and dull the desired appearance of a polished and densified concrete floor (A Clean Choice, Concrete Décor Magazine, February/March 2017, pg. 33).   

That’s where CreteClean Plus Single Dose is so far and away superior above any typical cleaning product out there, because it is specifically formulated for densified and densified-polished concrete. How many concrete cleaning products can make that claim?  None!  This is one of the main reasons it was the Editor’s Choice MIP winner in its category.  It not only cleans, but will, with regular cleaning, condition and enhance your concrete floor, as well as all hard surface floors.

Even more amazing?  CreteClean Plus Single Dose comes in three convenient sizes – 1.2 oz. pacs, 6 oz. pouches and 12 oz. bottles, each dispensing the proper amounts for a variety of cleaning methods, be it the good ‘ole mop and bucket, or the newest auto-scrubber on the market.  It really doesn’t get much easier than that!  And to top it off, Curecrete offers free consultations to develop a customized cleaning plan just for your floor.

Keep your floors looking their best and PERFORMING their best with CreteClean Plus Single Dose.



Winner:  Industry Choice in the Slab Tools/Equipment & Materials Category

WOC2017-MIP (2)Faster results? Enhanced clarity? Fewer steps and therefore less expense?  Yes, please!  Curecrete’s newest innovation, KickStart Clarity Enhancer, goes above and beyond any similar products on the market today by not only accelerating the initial grinding process, but enhances a floor’s overall clarity with increased efficiency.

Floor owners and applicators familiar with the process appreciate the benefits of achieving high-caliber results in less time, because less time means significant cost savings.  That’s why we are proud that KickStart was judged by our peers in the industry as the most innovative product in Slab Tools/Equipment & Materials category.  We know that KickStart is a pretty special product, and we’re pleased and excited that our fellow collaborators in the industry think so too!


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